My Top 3 Favorite Products

My Top 3: Too Faced Cosmetics

Too Faced is an amazing brand, is not part of the affordable cosmetics in my collection but is one of my favorites all the time. I have these 3 products that maybe I can even use daily.

1-Sweet Peach Palette: The colors in the palette are so pretty and warm, and I love the way you can use them for a cute smokey eye or for a natural look too. They are super easy to blend, from peachy nudes to even a black eyeshadow this palette is always in my top most used palettes on my daily basis, and the smell of peaches is just enjoyable.

18 Shades in peachy, corals bronzes and purples. US$46.00

2-Chocolate Soleil Bronzer: I love contour but usually I do it in powder here’s when this bronzer always saves my life. This bronzer Is a buildable formula and matte which gives your cheeks just the perfect contour whiout looking heavy or patchy. I have tried this one in the shade medium by the way with a ton of foundation and you can never go wrong with this one. And yes the smell of chocolate is awesome.

Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer 8g US$30.00

3-Born This Way Concealer: You know when you are like a panda and you really need to get rid of those dark circles, yep I been there a lot, and this one is my little friend for those times. This concealer Is a heavy formula but blends really easy you don’t have to use a lot to get the results, and I will say it’s for normal to oily skin because it dries matte.

Born this Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer,
35 shades, Mini size US$13.00 & US$29.

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