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3 tips for increasing your Pinterest views!

Hey there, in this month I increased the views of my Pinterest to more than 200K monthly viewers; I’m so grateful for accomplishing this goal, because I love what I do, I love Blogging and also give some tips to my readers.

Here I will give you my “secret sauce”; Three tips that help me:

1-Consistency: Life consistency is a key because either you want or not you have to show up. YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP! And pin every single day is essential. I love using Tailwind, It is such a wonderful app so I just take a couple of hours a week, (I do Sundays in specific ), and the cool thing you can set up all your pins for the whole week; I do pin over 25 times a day.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

2-Keywords: If you don’t use keywords you are missing out so much traffic, because Pinterest is an engineer search machine and that works using the keywords, and maybe you are asking What that F, are Keywords.

Keyword (the easiest way to explain): words that people search like crazy. What are they interests, what are they looking for. The best way to find the words that resonate with your niche is going to the search bar and write words each of them (try to keep it in a note as i do).

3-Re-Pin or Share other users content: Share content from others is super helpful, but look for people that work something close like you, that way you still re-sharing something similar to your brand. For me, people also can share your content when you do it for them, remember when sharing is caring just like that.

And there we have I promise; if you take your time in these steps, you will absolutely increase your engagement; your views as well.

Let me know how your Pinterest adventure goes !