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How I got my 2 million views on Pinterest using Tailwind

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This month I hit for the first time 2 million views on Pinterest, and my success is special to thanks Tailwind. Now you may ask What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is an scheduler for you pins where you can adjust by time, date and how many pins you want to post per day, saving you time by just taking an hour and make content for a whole week ( which I prefer to do in my case).

The best of Tailwind is the features that I will explain because all of them help me so much to have the crazy amount of views in my account.

1-Time slots

Every time that you are scheduling a pin this is in charge of put on the best hours where the users have more activity that way more people will be around in certain hours, the Time slots are prefilled but you can always modify them. I like to use the time already fill in the slots.


Tailwind tribes are a massive way to lead to the top in Pinterest and here is why:

Is the best to reach out  people in your same niche, this are like groups of Bloggers and Content creators sharing their pins for certain topic.

That means these people are also going to share the pins from your blog as well, so you better check the general information to choose the perfect Tribe in your niche.

Tribes are not complicated at all you just have to read carefully.

You can always chat with the members of your tribe and that is an amazing way to know more people that also are working in this online world as you


One of my favorite features because this allows you to have the statics from all your activities especially the pins with more impressions, there’s a couple of things you can see in the free version, that will help you to have an idea of what content people like more from your Pins.

Try Tailwind today !


The Smartloop are pins you want to repost every certain time I usually do that with the pins I already know had better results with.

I really like to to my schedule once at week and I always watched the insights because that why i keep doing whatever i think gives me better results, Tailwind is an amazing app and the coolest part is also available for schedule Instagram.

If you are looking for more traffic into your blog I highly suggest working with Pinterest and try Tailwind as well.

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