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Welcome to another of my favorite products! The following section may contain affiliate links if you buy something through those links you won’t pay an extra penny, but I will get a small commission.

I’m so thankful and excited to announce this to you guys because I’m a baby blogger wannabe but this is my first time with an affiliate link; anyway hope you like this post!

Now Let’s Do this !!!

After a lot of videos on Instagram, I finally decided to purchase a Green tea and Cucumber Facial spray by Mario Badescu. The ingredients of this product clearly catch me; they are so helpful for sensitive skin. I have redness and sensitive skin as well; I saw a couple of videos where people use it as a setting spray and it really works.

My experience with this one was amazing I re-purchase the other one not even finished the first bottle. I use it to prime or hydrate my skin before applying my foundation when seems too matte, set and also refresh the skin.

The benefits of the green tea are anti-aging, hydrating, reduced redness and puffiness, treats acne, unclogging pores and even more.

Cucumber for skin: Do you ever ask yourself, why in the movies they always have a cucumber piece in their eyes? Ding ding ding !!! Yep remember the under-eye area tends to be puffy so the cucumber is loaded with anti-inflammatories properties but it’s not the only benefit; it also lightens, brightens, tones and hydrates.

It’s also made with aloe vera and we all know that’s amazing for the skin!
My personal experience with the spray is amazing especially in the summertime when I spray my face to retouch or refresh my makeup. Wonderful ah!Have you ever try any of the Mario Badescu products? Down below I will leave you a list with some other products that they have that are so good for skincare.


Después de ver muchos videos en Instagram finalmente decidí comprar el spray de Mario Badescu con té verde y pepinos. Tengo piel sensible y suele ponerse roja por cualquier cosa así que claramente los ingredientes me llamaron la atencion asi como los videos.

Mi experiencia con este ha sido maravillosa volví a comprar el otro incluso antes de terminar la primera botella no solo lo utilizo como primer o hidratante en mis bases matte, también para sellar o refrescar mi maquillaje y piel.

Entre los beneficios del té verde están anti edad, hidratante, reduce la piel rojiza, reduce la inflamación de la piel, trata el acne, no tapa los poros y mucho más.

El pepino para la cara: Alguna vez te haz preguntado porque en las películas siempre se ponen pepinos en los ojos? Ding!! Ding!! Ding!! Sip recuerdas que el área de los ojos suele hincharse un poco, entonces el pepino está cargado de propiedades anti inflamatorias pero no solo eso también aclara, da brillo, tonifica e hidrata.

También es hecho con aloe vera y ya sabemos que es maravilloso para piel !
Mi experiencia personal ha sido grandiosa especialmente en verano donde uso el spray para refrescar mi piel o mi maquillaje.

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