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10 Awesome Secrets a Pro Makeup Artist doesn’t want you to Know.

Every makeup artist have tips or tricks don’t necessary share or don’t think they’ll be useful for others but the truth is you never stop learning and all the hacks I have here are from every single class, workshop or just a YouTube video yes because you also have makeup artist in YouTube that share some tips if you are smart you catch up all these things.

Here we go so get ready and let’s go for the Best and amazing secrets from Makeup Artist.

1-To get a great base you can use a good moisturizer. That means primer sometimes is not mandatory. Quick tip use egg yolk and olive oil mask for 20 min before your makeup and you will have a perfectly juicy and dewy canvas.
2- Get rid of redness under eye area by using eye drops. The reason why this works the saline gets rid of the redness in any kind so to apply take clean cotton and in few minutes the redness will go.

3-For a perfect and blend eyeshadow look conceal the lids and set it with a light hand of translucent powder. That way the eyeshadow will blend like a dream and show the colors in a fantastic way.

4-You don’t have to be afraid to use your fingers as a makeup tool, is insane how easily you can blend any makeup product but just makeup sure they are clean.

5-To set and forget you don’t have to go with a crazy amount of loose powder, you can also set with a light amount of powder.

6-We all know the big deal with the lifetime of the mascara and if you want to extend the life of this must-have product just add a few drops of saline solution into the tube of your favorite mascara.

7-Extend your makeup life by stippling a tissue in your oily area and adding a slight amount of your powder that way you will be fresh even if your makeup was made from hours and hours ago. Trust me makeup artist charge for this little retouching trick!

8-Learn how to use a makeup product for several things. Makeup artist doesn’t only use eyeshadow, for one thing, learn how to use an eyeshadow as a bronzer, highlighter or even blush. They all know makeup is about been versatile and use the things for more!

9-You know what I realize after getting involved in workshops; we don’t care about the price. Your makeup can literally come from the 99 cent store and it can work if came from Sephora (just to take an example). Price is a myth.

10-A makeup artist never goes overboard, and this goes also from my knowledge to achieve the best look start light and you’ll see how beautiful you can get a makeup look that looks like natural skin.

And remember makeup doesn’t have rules, this was the most interesting tricks I’ve learned as a makeup artist and from other wonderful artists in this beauty community. If you like this new blog post like and share and see yaa next time!

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