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What’s Leyka reading?

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Hey there, in my Goals of the year I made a commitment with myself to read more books, so I thought it will be good to read at least two books per month, and I ended up doing it.

How satisfying is when you are doing something you promised, well straight to the point; when I started this challenge. I saw a book in Amazon and just the title was super fun in some way for me Girl wash your face.

Book Information:

Author: Rachel Hollis

New York Times Best Seller with over 3 million copies sold.

First of all, if you are a woman ready to read something actually easy to understand, this is your book I love the way she explains everything. Basically Hollis became a tremendous writer and successful businesswoman, after all, she went through difficult situations while growing up; she saw her brother committed suicide, she also had eating disorder, and her sex taboos.

It is not easy to come out to the world and share stories that maybe you don’t want to let all the people know about it, just because they are so hard to understand or to process for others, or maybe how others can take it from you; however she did it and all these problems helped her to become the leader she is today.

I love the topics in the book and how she defines all the chapters with different “lies”, but I’m not going to tell you more about because you NEED to add this book to your list.

This book made me realized how we all can lie to ourselves to the point we get so confused even when we deserve so much love because, to be honest, no matter what, we all deserve good things and sometimes we block our mind with lies about who we are and how we look.

I didn’t give you any spoiler information here because you have to read it by yourself and see what I mean when I say you need to read this one!