My Top 3 Favorite Products

My Top 3 Favorite Products: Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty nowadays is well known for having amazing quality products, the price for me is just competing with other makeup brands in the same level as them. Talking from FB remembers me back in the day Rihanna when she first started with Umbrella and seen now with this amazing beauty brand is something we have to respect.

Here is my top 3 products from FB:

1- Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer: Yep my number one ! First time I used it I was wondering if the price for just a gloss was worth it, in fact I give it a try. My first love was the scent, its just the perfect sweet and soft smell; however, the most important thing is the unique and beautiful color you can used alone or as a topper and it looks gorgeous. Also has nourishing ingredients keeping the lips soft and hydrated.

2-Killawatt Highlighters: I tried her highlighter formulas, and what I love from them is the creamy feeling you have and the flawless application, my absolutely favorite is Hustla Baby, the shade is perfect for almost everybody.

3-Pro Kiss’r Luscious Lip Balm: Within days of use, I noticed the change in my lips, way softer and that is not easy to find because I had tried a lot of formulas due to season changes, my lips are the first part of my face that literally cracks.

The ingredients including castor oil, Shea butter and mango seeds oil which is wonderful for your lips and smells soft vanilla.

Please let me know what products you love or hate from Fenty ?

See ya next time !

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