Dupes Tuesday

Ultimate Mask Dupe ! Fresh Umbrian Clay Mask

The Umbrian Clay mask is recommended for all skin types to deeply clean and minimizes the pores is like a skin detox. The mask retails for $58 dollars for 100ml.

The benefits of the clay include clear blemishes, reduce the appearance of pores and brighten skin.

You can apply the mask and leave for 5 to 10 minutes the Fresh Umbrian Clay mask has 4.7 stars in the reviews which make this product really good.
The Dupe: Pixi Skin treats Glow Mud Mask retails for $22 dollars for 45ml basically you can use for 15 minutes and it has a lot of ingredients in common.

Usually, clay is good for every skin type its also recommended for acne and don’t clog the pores!

Let me know your thoughts and feelings about the clay have you use before this ingredient or any of this mask?

See yaaa next one babies !

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